Breaking!!! Registration now open for the Next African Chef show.

Are you the Next African Chef ?

Registration now open for the show aimed at showcasing African culinary to the world, Next African Chef.

Wondering how you can be a part of this cooking show? Register for the Next African Chef, check the link in @nextafricanchef bio.

According to Next African Chef, Here’s a summary of what you stand to win

“1st: A trip to UK to further your cooking/culinary skills, 1 million Naira and kitchen Equipment

2nd: #250,000 and kitchen Equipment
3rd: #150,000 and kitchen Equipment

For other participants, there are gong to be consolation prizes.

Hurry now and register!!! ”



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3 thoughts on “Breaking!!! Registration now open for the Next African Chef show.

  1. Good Afternoon,
    I trust this meets you well.I watched your show the next African chef for the first time today 14th June 2019 on DSTV and I have a few feedbacks that might help make the show better.
    I decided to write on the show considering I had been looking forward to our own version of ‘Chopped’ or any of the other food competition on the food channel.
    1) I was particularly disappointed with the entire presentation of the show.
    2) I understand that it is meant to be a competition but there was no excitement on the set. Either from the chef or the judges.The lady presenter needs to do more as well.
    3) The chef all looked kind of scared and dull. I think its important that you prep the chef to look good .A few of them were sweaty when they were presenting their dishes to the judges. For the sake of the audience at home I suggest that the chefs have face freshened lightly before presenting to the judges.
    4) Also please prep the chefs to relax when presenting… They are adults and the judges should help them relax as well
    5) Which brings me to the way the judges talk to the chef as well.
    The episode I watched the judges came across like headmasters talking to their students.,..for the show to compete with the likes of Chopped or Master Chef there must be some mutual respect between the judges and the chefs..
    6)Please do something about the background where the chef have to present …too much colours going on and its distracting from seeing the chefs’ faces
    7) The table the judges used looked like a regular office table …please change it.
    8) Since there are 2 judges ,can we have the judges served in 2 different plates …that works if they are seated. What I saw was the 2 judges eating one after the other in the same plate ….this can work if they are standing but if they are seated and have one plate …I think it’s best they dig in at the same time..
    9) Trust these helps .All the best
    Thank you


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