The #KTQ kitchen drama for last week was really a battle of flavors.

It was quite an explosive episode on the KTQ season 5 #Battleofflavours has flavours were intertwined from savoury, sweet, spicy, tangy etc.

Moreover, the contestants were grouped into two teams A & B they were instructed to prepare a starter, main course and dessert in one hour.

The judges introduced something special this week the ‘ Spin wheel ‘ some of the choices made after spinning were “No knifes, No Oil and No frying pan ” these choices resulted some team members using a kitchen scissors in substitute for a knife.

For Starter group A made: Fried spinach and broccoli with banga sauce.

For Starter group B made: Savoury pancakes.

For Main course group A made: Lamb chops with baste flavored oil and spinach.

For Main course group B made: Pickled eggs plant and vegetable sauce served with rice.

For dessert group A made: Crepe with sour sop and banana filling, dress with chocolate sauce.

For dessert group B made: Pancake.

After group A and B battled it out in the kitchen.
As they say, team work brings out the best ability in anyone, team A led by Gbolabo wowed the judges with their presentations which made they emerge winner for this week and we’re gifted N50,000 also they made Dr Robert smile for the first time this season.

L—R : Valentine, Gbolabo, Folashade and Francis

Group B on the other hand, led by Shasi didn’t do so well as to impress the judges. At the end of the task group B were asked to pick up their writing pads and vote who they wanted evicted, a tough one right? But Shasi was saved again from eviction as he took responsibility for his groups misfits but was placed on probation for the second time.

L—R: Dasola, Busuyi, Sashi and Daphne

(Image credits : Knorr Nigeria )


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