Anjola Awosika aka Pastryboy begins a documentary about the road side bakers.

Pastry Boy Ng founder Anjola Awosika began a project today Monday 16th, July 2018. The documentary simple portrays the lifestyle of road side bakers ( i.e the bakers who produces street food ) he comes from a deeper perspective as he gets to study the lifestyle of these bakers and conduct an unstructured interview to help we the consumers understand them better.

Speaking exclusively to The PastryBoy he said, ” Well, there’s no exact title to this project. I’m not sure if I want to make it a series yet because it’s a total commitment entirely. But later in the year, I will be working with someone special to develop a bigger one.

My aim with this particular documentary is to reveal the faces behind the amazing Street food we know of today. Like I said in my caption “we often pay less attention to these guys.” They have amazing stories and facts.

I really want to expand Pastry Boy NG. It’s not going to be all about pastries. Gradually, I’m letting people know this by my actions. Pastry Boy NG has a lot of potentials and I’m super excited to explore all the opportunities I have.”

As event unfolds we can’t wait to see and learn more about these road side bakers who have helped in shaping that particular sector of the industry.

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