#KnowingMoreAboutFruits (Grape)

English Name: Grape
Botanical Name: vitaceae

DESCRIPTION: A fruit with about seven colours which includes: green, red, purple, pale yellow, dark blue, pink berries grown in bunch usually in clusters.

The fruit is produced by the vine tree they are juicy, sweet or sour and semi–oblong in shape.

ORIGIN: Grapes are said to be the oldest cultivated fruit. They are native to West Asian and central Europe these regions are known as the motherlands of grapes from there, grapes have made a long journey to reach all across the globe.
The cultivation of grapes began in 6000 – 8000 years ago on a domestic level in Europe. They are said to have originated at the time of Jesus Christ we can say this because references were been made in the Bible as “the fruit of the vine”.

They were found in Egyptian tombs and in tombs of pre–Christ era as well. This proves the popularity of this fruit. The old world grapes, found in Europe and the near east, are known botanically as ‘vitis vinifera ‘ this specie has more than 10,000 varieties South America and North Eastern America are the origins for other species known as the New World Species botanically named ‘vitis rotundifolia ‘ .

The superior Old World Species is native to the Southeast coast of the Black sea (near the south of the Caspian sea). The fox grapes botanical name is ‘vitis labrusca ‘ were found by the ‘Vikings’ who explored the eastern sea side of North America long before Columbus.
Muscadine of North America because of which, this region was named as the New World “Vinland”.

NATURAL BENEFITS: They contain natural sugar and dietary fiber along with potassium and iron. They work as an astringent, anti–tumor agent, anti–oxidant, anti–carcinogenic agent etc. They improve vascular activity and protect the liver.

USES: Majorly used as fruit wine, eaten as a dessert, added to fruit salad also added to caked and jam etc.


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