Reports on the #BaileysBakeFest2 .

It was the second edition of the Baileys Bake Fest competition an all encompassing one day food event where bakers paired up celebrities to form a team bake extravagantly using Baileys as their key ingredient and also

eminent personalities majorly from the pastry industry get to judge their creations.

L–R: Tosan Jemide, Lara Rawa, Salt Modupe & Alex Oke.

It is an event where vendors sell and showcase baileys infused gourmet.

This years event wasn’t an exception as food vendors showcased their produce, attendees had lots to eat and play with.

However, the program started behind schedule because of the heavy downpour that took place in the morning but this didn’t affect how foodies turned out cause food unites.

The teams had two rounds of convincing the judges that they had what it takes to be the winner of Bailey’s Bake Fest.

Meet Baileys Bake Fest 2 team and photos of their baileys infused treats.

The team members

The teams 1st creations :

Judges Opinion:

Judges attest to the fact that the pastries were nice and crunchy but the impact of Baileys wasn’t felt.

The teams 2nd creation:

After the baking extravaganza #TeamCuBis was declared winner of the Baileys Bake Fest 2.

MCZ Discoveries & Observations:

* It was a come back for Judge Alex Oke founder of Xo bakery and Lara Rawa founder of Eventicocktails.

* Nelson Michael popularly known as chef cupid was the only selected male contestant for Baileys Bake Fest 2.

* Contestants were given opportunity to infuse Bailey’s into local food ingredients unlike last year where it was only infused in pastries.


* Lolo 1 and Chuey Chu as well made it back to host #Baileys Bake Fest2 .

* The program started behind schedule because of heavy downpour in the early hours of the day.

* The team had vest colour ( Yellow, Blue, Red and Green) just a replica of last year.

see more photos from the event.

(Image credits: Pastry Boy/Bella Naija/Baileys Nigeria/ MCZ Food Media)


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