“Foodaholics are in for an amazing food and culture discovery.” — Gina Ehikodi speaks to MCZ,  on the upcoming travel series #flavorsofazerbaijan on Foodies & Spice.

One of the most watched Nigerian cooking TV show, Foodies and Spice is back with the Flavors Of Azerbaijan which is expected to Première this weekend.

Gina, who started the travel series in the year 2014 on her channel to study and document food cultures around the world.

Speaking to MCZ on the recent development Gina said ,

“The experience was great, travelling, meeting people, learning new cultures and food always gladens my heart. So whenever i set out to visit a country for my travel series, its always with an open mind and i only expect to have grand fun 😃. Foodaholics (as i call my fans and followers) are in for an amazing food and culture discovery.

My production design for my travel series is usually very simple (i may change the style in future cos i like to evolve) . I tell the story of my journey and findings with the visuals or footages gotten then i pick an ingredient featured in the country i visited, fuse it with other ingredients we can find easily in Nigeria to create a recipe or a replica of the countries recipe.

The episodes are usually fun, we had a very successful one with #frenchfusion which i shot in bordeaux France in 2014. It was like what brought me to limelight. So i expect far more #accolades with #flavorsofazerbaijan cos we have finetuned especially the technical part of it.”

The flavors of Azerbaijan on Foodies and Spice TV network can be watched on these stations.

Silverbird TV – Saturday 5:00pm
TVC Lagos– Sunday 7:00pm
Wap TV – Saturday 7:30pm
Rave TV – Saturday 4:30pm
ITV Benin– Monday 10:30am
ITV Abuja– Saturday 12:30pm
NTA Zaria– Saturday 8:00pm
PRTV Jos– Monday 7:00pm
Adamawa TV– Thursday 7:00pm
Vox Africa


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