Highlights of the GTBank Food and Drink Fair  2018 Day 1.

Annual food and drink event GTBank Food and Drink Fair, one of Nigeria’s biggest food event kicked off today Sunday, April 29th, 2018 at the

Landmark event center Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. GTBank Food and Drink Fair is all about promoting enterprise as series of food exhibitors and food vendors showcased their produce.

Today’s demonstrators include: Chef Imoteda Aladeokomo, Lorraine Pascale, Sunny Anderson, Scott Winston and Edd Kimber. They all held their Master classes respectively.

Chef Imoteda started today’s Master class around 12:00pm (Nigerian time) her demonstration was titled— ( The Art Of Plating).

Imoteda Aladeokomo is known for fusion of Nigerian & Italian cuisine. Imoteda made (Seared duck breast, banga, thyme and black pepper crepes, chicken tortellini and pumpkin puree with coffee panacotta and grape fruit tarts) everyone who attended her Master class had a taste of the yummy cuisines she made.

Lorraine Pascale was next her Master class started 2:00pm (Nigerian time) her demonstration was based on “desserts” the title of demo was (How to make the perfect Dessert) She shared alot of advice to upcoming pastry maker and pastry chefs.

It was Sunny eventually, a fun-filled and energetic demonstration Sunny Anderson started her Master class at 3:30pm.

Her menu for the demonstration was ‘Sunny 1-2-3 Grilled Pork Chops which consists of many more Sunny recipes.

She made some revelations “for real” was the title of my first cooking show on TV, “My daddy was in the Army” now you know why she wears army prints. She also shared some insightful words “You can teach someone to draw, you can’t teach inspiration” and “When you chase your dreams and follow your passion, great things will start happening”.

Food Business Consultant, Scott Winston started his Master class at 5:00pm he responded to series of complaints from food business owners and advised on how to grow a small business

( below is an excerpts from his lecture….. { Developing your brand & identity making products appealing to the customers. Credibility can go a long way in expanding your brand, distribution becomes larger}.

‘The boy who bakes’ Edd Kimber started his Master class at 6:30pm

he demonstrated by making pastries.. Also spoke on the secrets to mouthwatering pastries. He shared a simple yet exotic chocolate cake recipe.

Some reactions from social media….



Photos of some personalities who graced the occasion…..

The GTBank Food And Drink Fair continues tomorrow!!!

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(Image credits: MCZ Food Media/ Uzo Orimalade/ GTBank Food And Drink)


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