#GTBankFoodDrink 2018: Sunny Anderson’s opening remark at the GTBank Press Conference.

The GTBank Food and Drink Fair 2018 Press Conference held yesterday Friday, April 27th, 2018. It had in attendance organizers of the GTBank Food And Drink Fair, Sunny Anderson, Raphael Duntoye, Chef Imoteda, Chef Benedict, food vendors, members of the press and many more.

While delivering her Opening Remark, Sunny, expressed her profound gratitude to everyone thanked GTBank for her support and also requested for our historical mouthwatering Nigerian party Jollof rice and SUYA! , she is also expectant of the event and meeting people, learning about our food culture. We know she will be well treated with some hot spicy party Jollof rice and SUYA before going back for the states.

Sunny Anderson’s opening remark:

” Hello! Everyone, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Sunny Anderson. I work at Food network in the states and I a couple of shows and a cookbook and lots of work doing around today. Where is this Jollof rice? everyone talks about. Oh! tomorrow morning? The party Jollof rice and as well as SUYA! everyone talks about spicy so I love the spice.
I don’t know if you noticed, I am black and I can handle it I already do not feel like going to Wakanda today there is someone sending me to Wakanda are people doing that to you guys here? , Is that the way it is? Is that what everybody is saying now? Black panther talks so everybody in Africa.

So I’m just really happy to be here and this is it, the UK last year and I went to see people at the Food network there and to my surprise that Food network in South Africa and Africa as a whole I was doing well on my different shows as well as Cooking for real, The Kitchen. I said a silent prayer to myself last year, that I wanted to get to Africa to meet more people and do what I do and learn to eat, learn to cook, learn stories about it and just really truly happy to be here.

I just landed this morning and I’m awake and I’m ready to go so you can ask me anything and hopefully you guys will come to the event this weekend and the Master class on Sunday. I’m looking forward to it I can’t remember what I’m cooking but, I feel like sometimes people don’t even care what you can cook just wanna talk and gossip stories you know what I’m saying. But I’m very happy being here and I look forward to all of the small businesses I’m a small business owner myself and I’m getting a chance to showcase what they do.

Thank you!”

(Compiled by MCZ Food Media)


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