Knorr Taste Quest (KTQ) season 5 to begin soon;  highlights of KTQ previous seasons.

Knorr Taste Quest (KTQ) season 5 set to begin soon and we also have the highlights of the KTQ previous seasons as the auditions for the Knorr Taste Quest season 5 is about to begin in various states in the country [Nigeria].

Moreover, Registration has begun the main show is set to premiere in Lagos, Nigeria also known as the economic capital of Nigeria.

What you need to know about Knorr Taste Quest….


Knorr Taste Quest is a Unilever Nigeria sponsored TV reality cooking show. It was first premiered in the year 2013.

The show was created basically to reinforce knorr’s culinary expertise and to bring to life the brand’s love for flavor.

It is designed for people to showcase their culinary skills, as they are given various types of task for 13weeks as well as to bring to the homes of consumers an exciting and educational cooking show in Nigeria.

Two well known Nigerian celebrity chefs namely Dr Robert and Chef Fregz

both chefs have been the judges from the beginning of the show. Usually, a guest judge is invited if not every week.


In the competition, the judges select the best 12 contestants to compete for 13weeks, with one of them emerging as the winner and ultimately crowned as Nigeria’s culinary best. Also every week the best contestant in the KTQ kitchen is given N20,000 naira.


Every week viewers are given the opportunity to participate in the “Knorr Taste Quest Home play “ where the viewer’s are given a question to answer

and the winners get to win fabulous and mouth watering prize’s.

Before we start tossing, stirring and crumbling in the Knorr Taste Quest season 5 or before Dr Robert starts slicing, dicing and grilling the contestants let’s take you down memory lane to some of the things that happened in the previous seasons. I.e In season 1,2,3 & 4 respectively, shall we?
• Knorr Taste Quest season 1

Auditions began on (February 2013) and thousands of contestant’s came out in their numbers to audition and they battled to join the cooking reality TV show “Knorr Taste Quest” .

The show was set in Lagos.

Some questions the judges asked during the audition are;

• What is your favourite food and what is your native food?

• What is an entrée?

• What is a canape?

• What is your favourite meal to cook?

• Why do you want to be in this competition?

• What is knorr?

After the contestants battled with the questions thrown at them by the judges during the auditions. Six contestants were added to the other six contestants already in the competition making the number of contestants 12. The six contestants were added to the other six contestants based on a task that they were given they were asked to slice some peppers in 15minutes and they were judged based on the their speed, accuracy and the quantity of the peppers they were able to slice.

While the previous six were picked based on their outstanding performance in the auditions.

The 12 contestants are;

• Mercy Peters

• Ngozy

• Gregory

• Patricia

• Tolulope

• Chinyere Nwoye

• Bolarinwa

• Ifeyinwa

• Damilola

• Chidi

• Lalu Surdiham

• Saratu

The host for the KTQ season 1 was Manny of Coolfm.

And the judges were Dr Robert (Head judge)

and Chef Fregz ( the Sous Chef)

Various guest judges were invited during the KTQ season 1 some of the guest judges include:

Mrs Nwosu.

Tara Fela Durotoye.

Tara Fela-Durotoye (born 6 March 1977) is a Nigerian makeup artist and lawyer. A pioneer in the bridal makeup profession in Nigeria , she launched the first bridal directory in 1999, set up international standard makeup studios and established the first makeup school in Nigeria.

She is the founder and CEO of House of Tara International and creator of the Tara Orekelewa Beauty range, Inspired Perfume and the H.I.P Beauty range.

After 13 weeks of competing Lalu Surdiham emerged the winner of Knorr Taste Quest season 1.


• Knorr Taste Quest season 2 (Re- Seasoned)

Season 2 began in earnest and the auditions was LIT ! Because “Hot has just got hotter” auditions was set in various States in the country Abuja, Calabar & Lagos.

Some questions asked at the KTQ Abuja audition are;

• What is a 3 course meal?

• What is a starter?

• What is a stir fry?

• What is an entrée?

• What is a hours d’oeuvres?

• What is the name of the show?

• Why are you here?

• What is Knorr?

Some questions asked at the Calabar auditions are;

• What is an appetizer?

• What is a foody?

• What is an entrée?

• Why are you here?

• What is a small chop?

• What is a dessert?

• What is Knorr?

• Why are you here?

Some questions asked at the Lagos auditions are;

• What is a 3 course meal?

• What is an entrée?

• What is a canape?

During the KTQ season 2 auditions, the contestants were asked to identify various ingredients through taste, smell and touch.

The judges went further to ask the contestants to pick 1 or more ingredients and explain how it can be used. Some were asked to explain how the picked ingredient(s) can be used for an appetizer, a main course and dessert.

Finally, 14 finalist were selected after the test they are;

• Dixon Olakunbi

• Kehinde Adetola

• Chinelo Ozojie

• Doom Ihensekhien

• Akpojovwo Victor

• Onuigbo Nwando

• Olabode Akinyoola

• Veronica Ukachi Nwaozo

• Charles Archibong

• Chinozie Eziakon

• Ogunbunmi Popoola

• Ojo Omoniyi

• Antia Abassey Whyte

• Moses


Some discovery during the KTQ season 2, another Sou’s chef was introduced during the 2nd season her name Chef Renee

However, the 14 contestants did their best and the judges tasted what they had prepared Antia was evicted , Kehinde was put on probation

& Veronica was also evicted in the first week.

Chef Imoteda was one of the guest judges;

Chef Imoteda, the founder of Heels in the Kitchen, a cooking show with a fashion and style edge that gives you an interactive experience on how to plan and create amazing meals.
After 13 weeks of competing Dixon Olakunbi won the ultimate prize of Two million naira and other fascinating prize’s


• Knorr Taste Quest season 3
The auditions of KTQ season 3 commenced and it was “strictly for the gifted”.

The show kicked off with another host

named Marian Anazodo but with the same members of the jury

Dr Robert, Chef Fregz and Ogunsemi Abimbola the (brand manager)
The auditions was set in Calabar, Enugu, Abuja and Lagos about 1,060 people registered for the Calabar audition.

DAY 1 Calabar audition

Some questions asked during the Calabar auditions are;

• What is a 3 course meal?

• What brings you here today?

• What is Knorr? (Note: this question was a big question ‘cause majority of the contestants found it difficult to answer).

• Why are you here?

• What audition is this?


So contestant Victor Akpojuvwo from season 2 came to audition for the KTQ season 3.

DAY 2 Calabar audition.

The contestants were expected to give practical solutions to ingredients after picking and to explain how to use the ingredient(s). The judges selected the contestants coming to Lagos but 5 other contestants were given quick quiz like;

• What is it to broil?

• What is it to Blanch? Etc.

But none of them was picked due to obvious reasons.

• Knorr Taste Quest Abuja auditions

DAY 1 of KTQ season 3 Abuja audition.

300 contestants registered for the KTQ Abuja audition but before the audition some of the contestants were asked some questions.

The Abuja audition was LIT ! also as chef Fregz dazzled the contestants

to raise up their hands and say “I am KTQ finest”.

Some questions asked during the Abuja audition are;

• What is Knorr?

• What is a 3 course meal?

• Why are you here?

• What is the term canapé?


During the KTQ Abuja audition some contestants decided to rename the show

However, chef Fregz and Dr Robert challenged each other with some questions.

DAY 2 of KTQ season 3 Abuja audition.

The contestants were presented with various ingredients e.g ( avocado, cabbage, carrot, egusi seeds, knorr seasoning cubes etc.) and they were asked to pick some of the ingredients and explain how it can be used to make either: a main course meal.

Some of the contestants were asked to identify some of the ingredient(s) like the KIWI fruit (photo)

Some contestants were also blindfolded to test their instinct in identifying some of the ingredient(s).

Before the contestants were shortlisted the judges sure did have a nice treat in a restaurant in Abuja

Finally, 4 contestants were picked from the KTQ Abuja audition. Contestants number 9 & 12 were selected after they were shortlisted by the judges. 2 of the contestants were picked based on their performance during the auditions while the remaining 2 were asked very quick questions.

• Knorr Taste Quest Enugu audition

DAY 1 of the KTQ season 3 Enugu audition

About 250 contestants registered for the KTQ season 3 audition in Enugu.

The auditions started and these are Some questions asked in the KTQ season 3 Enugu audition

• What is a 5 course meal? (Funny)

• What is knorr?

• Why are you here?

• In what country is Knorr made?

• What is a canapé?

• What is a 3 course meal?

• Do you have the bragging right to be here?

• What are the bragging rights?


1. A contestant was caught spying or should MCZ say “cheating” with a piece of paper on his hand


2. Also the Jury members alongside the brand manager Ogunsemi Abimbola went to some radio station in Enugu.

DAY 2 of the KTQ season 3 audition in Enugu.

The contestants were presented with various ingredients e.g( corn, cabbage, fish, tomatoes, oranges or citrus fruits, knorr seasoning cubes etc..)

The contestants were asked to pick 1 or more ingredient(s) and the judges asked further what it can be used for also the contestants were allowed to touch, smell and taste.

Some contestants were asked to identify some of the ingredients physically I.e as the judge mentions a particular ingredient, the contestant is expected to touch the ingredient(s) mentioned.
Finally, the 250 contestants that registered were shortlisted to 25 and 4 of the 25 were selected to represent in Lagos. Contestants number 19, 30, 7 and 32 . three of the contestants were picked based on their performance in the audition and only 1 was picked based on smartness in answering some quick questions.

KTQ season 3 Lagos auditions

DAY 1 of KTQ season 3 Lagos audition.

About 478 contestants registered for the Lagos audition. Before the Lagos audition started proper

chef Fregz took time to cheat chat with the contestants. He did so well in feeling the pulse if the contestants.

Some questions asked at the Lagos audition are;

• What are you doing here?

• What audition is this?

• What is Knorr?

• Tell a dish that you can make that will make you win 5 million naira?

• Give a dish you can ‘toss’ as a starter, ‘stir’ as a main dish and crumble as a ‘dessert’?

• What is canapé?

• Tell us 3 dessert you can make using ‘Agbalumo’ (African Star Apple / African cherry)?

DAY 2 of KTQ season 3 Lagos audition.

Only about 42 contestants made it to DAY 2. The contestants were also presented with numerous ingredients.

Some contestants were asked to select some of the ingredients and take them through a journey of how it can be used in preparing a 3 course meal.

Some were asked to identify some of the ingredients and some were also tested by blindfolding their face and asked to identify an ingredient by tasting.

12 of the contestants were selected to compete in the semifinals with the other contestants from other States.

The KTQ season 3 semifinals.

The 22 contestants were welcomed by the judges at the headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria to compete in the ‘master class’ where they will be tested with a skill task as Dr Robert will say “It is the simplest of all the task you will have”.

For the task the contestants were given fish & various vegetables like cucumber, carrot, tomatoes and onions. To work with and dress as it is in an KTQ season 3 banner “ .


They are expected to gut the fish and cut a side, cut the vegetables nicely and garnish with the vegetables all this in 20 minutes.

They were Judged based on ;

• Attention to the details

• How tidy the work station is.

• How they have been able to present what they were asked to do.

Some of the guest judges during KTQ season 3 include;

Ozoz Sokoh

Ozoz Sokoh popularly known as the ‘ Kitchen Butterfly ’ is an Exploration geologist who loves loves food, writing and photography in equal part. She considers herself a ‘Traveller by lens and plate’.

She is passionate about experimenting with and sharing Nigerian cuisine in ‘The New Nigerian Kitchen’. The New Nigerian Kitchen, a phrase she coined celebrates Nigerian cuisine by reinventing and representing Nigerian food, unearthing history, sharing techniques, using old ingredients in new ways and focusing on in-season produce.


Omobola O. Koya.

Omobola is the owner of Finesse Hospitality and has several years experience in the Hospitality industry. Passionate, creative and a keen eye for detail, Omobola is driven by challenges and opportunities in the industry, and feels she’s at her best when she can work with the freedom to create solutions within a loosely defined set of guidelines.

She always had an interest for the hospitality sector so she went on to pursue a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management from Le Cordon Bleu (One of the prestigious culinary and hospitality schools) in Pasadena, California.

The judges finally gave their verdict and the top 14 were picked for the KTQ season 3 .

After the contestants battled in the KTQ kitchen for 13 weeks,

Davies Obiekea topped other contestants and he won that season.


• Knorr Taste Quest season 4

Yes! The KTQ season 4 began in the year 2016.

It was all about “the search for the seasoned one” the auditions were very thrilling the judges asked questions like.

• What is Knorr?

• And also some practical questions to test the contestants instinct.

The judges selected the top 16 contestants

and they battled it a step further in the KTQ season 4 skill test.

The skill test was to “de-bone” a full chicken,

stuff and fold with a string or net in 25 minutes. The contestants were divided into 4 batches.


They were given peppers and onions to use in stuffing.

They were judged based on:

• How clean the chicken is after de-boning .

• Did they Completely remove every bone

• How well they stuffed and folded the chicken.

The semifinals was over and the judges picked 12 contestants to continue in the KTQ kitchen the names of the contestants are:

• Phoebe

• Oluwaseun

• Oluwadamilola

• Hirhyel

• Morounfolu

• Nahvi

• Lizzy

• Johnson

• Rukayat

• Oluwafemi

• Gbenga

• Emmanuel

Some of the guest judge include;

Kemi Adetiba

She is a Nigerian music video director, filmmaker, and television director whose works have appeared on Channel O, MTV Base, Soundcity TV , BET and Netflix .
Born in Lagos on 8 January 1980, Kemi Adetiba started her journey into the media as a young child where she headlined two national television commercials for the iconic detergent brand OMO, Towing the path of her father, Dele Adetiba, a veteran in the advertising and broadcast industries who played a pivotal role in the development in Nigeria.
The contestants battled in the KTQ kitchen for 13 weeks,

The KTQ season 4 show was scheldue to air at these stations at this time.

The day of the grand finale finally came and “the seasoned one” emerged; of cause starting out with twelve contestants and thinning them all out with the final six: Damilola, Emmanuel, Gbenga, Nahvi, Oluwaseun and Rukayat were the contestants that competed at the KTQ season 4 grand finale.

However, Damilola, Rukayat and Gbenga exited after the first two tasks while Emmanuel, Nahvi & Oluwaseun

competed in the final task. Oluwaseun was the second runner-up, he got N750,000 and N 50,000 worth of shopping vouchers from shoprite, Emmanuel was the first runner-up he got N1.5million naira and N50,000 worth of shopping vouchers from shoprite. Now to our winner of KTQ season 4 Nahvi Ifode emerged the winner, he got N5million and N100,000 worth of shopping vouchers from shoprite.


MyCookery Zone indeed took you down memory lane to what happened in the the previous KTQ seasons.











So get ready for the Knorr Taste Quest season 5 “Battle Of Flavours auditions as the auditions will be set in cities close to you. We are looking forward to a lovely, juicy and fascinating season.

Visit the website at to register for Knorr Taste Quest season 5 , like and follow the Knorr community on , twitter @KnorrNigeria, Instagram: KNORRNIGERIA

Compiled by : MCZ

Image credits: Knorr Nigeria.


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