MCZ Exclusive Interview with Winifred Emmanuel, founder of Zeelicious foods enterprise.

It was a privilege to have interviewed Founder of Zeelicious foods enterprise in person of Winifred Emmanuel. This amiable lady is a food blogger, food consultant, Vlogger and Producer of Zeelicious Cooking show.

She spoke to MCZ on how she delved into food making, what inspires her to create palatable meals and most especially, the inspiration behind the name “Zeelicious“. She spoke also on her recent cooking series “9ja local soup series 2” and her upcoming projects.

Hello and thanks for joining us.

1. Kindly tell us your name cause many might think your name is “Zee” licious?

My full name is Emmanuel Winifred.

2. Can we know a little more about your background?

I am from Anambra state in the eastern part of Nigeria but I was born and brought up in Lagos state. I come from a family of 9 (7 children and 2 parents), my dad is late though and my mum is simply the best in the world!😁 I had my Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education in Lagos and for my tertiary education I attended University of Lagos (Great Akokite!), where I studied Economics.

3. Did you attend a culinary school?

Oh no, I didn’t. I am a self taught chef. Passion, curiosity, practice, extensive research, patience, ‘Food Network’, and a couple of online courses has put me in a good place professionally. So much that I make ‘professionally trained’ chefs look ordinary. Lol

4. What is the inspiration behind Zeelicious?
Zeelicious was coined from two words, ‘Zeal’ and ‘Delicious’. I have always had a great zeal to prepare amazing meals and they ALWAYS turn out so delicious hence the name ZEELICIOUS.

Winifred Emmanuel (Zeelicious Foods)

5. Has food also been what you love doing or you just feel in love along the line?

I have always had a big big passion for cooking but to be honest with you, I never ever would have thought that it will blossom into a successful career. As a child, I only thought that knowing how to prepare amazing dishes will be for my husband and kids to enjoy but little did I know that God had another plan for me. When I finally realized that being a Foodpreneur was what I was born to do, I had to give up a well paying 9-5 job to fulfill my dreams. The vision was so strong, I couldn’t ignore it anymore and so I ventured into the culinary world and I must say, I only just got started. There’s so much more to come.

6. At what age did you make your debut in the kitchen?
I made my first kitchen debut at the age of 12. My dad had just passed away and my mom and other siblings were too sad to cook. The passion in me gave me some strength and I decided to try and make something for my family. I must say that it was the WORST dish I ever made in my life…Lool. But i didn’t give up because of one failed attempt. Today i look back at that day and laugh very hard.

Winifred Emmanuel (Zeelicious Foods)

7. You recently started a cooking series “9ja local soup series” on your Vlog kindly tell us what it’s about?

Okay, firstly my Youtube channel is called The Zeelicious Cooking Series and its main aim is to teach people speedy ways to make Nigerian dishes and other exciting dishes that can be made using ingredients available in Nigeria. Every month has a different series, for e.g., I had the breakfast series edition in March, the Yam series edition in February, etc. I first started the 9ja local soups series edition in August last year but August had only 4 weeks and so we were only able to film and upload 4 video tutorials for the local soups series because I upload once every week. So I decided to continue the series this April because Nigeria has well over 30 local soups and I intend to film a video tutorial showing how to make all of them. So this April is dedicated to 9ja local soup series (Part 2) and of course, I will continue the series in another month until I have successfully uploaded video tutorials for all of Nigeria’s local soups.

8. How do you feel to have become one of the vibrant and consistent foodblogger in Nigeria?
I see it as a very big privilege to have a dream and work tirelessly to make that dream a reality. I was born for the culinary world and I started working on developing my potentials very early after discovering my purpose and thats what got me to where I am today. I started out as a food dreamer, then I turned into a food blogger and then a food vlogger/Food Show Host and then I have few other projects in the works that the world will soon hear about. I am very grateful for the many opportunities awarded me to display my gifts and talents and I am ever so grateful to Youtube for giving me a platform to showcase myself to the world. Its been an incredible journey and I don’t take any of it for granted.

9. If you were not making food or creating recipes what will you be doing?

Hmmmmmmmm…I love to read books. I have over 100 books in my Ibooks library and over 50 books in my book cabinet. I make it a point of duty to read at least one book every month. Then I also love to watch movies (series) centered on drama, comedy and romance and I also enjoy connecting with my followers online…I call them my special online friends and some of them have actually become really close friends. I also love to hang out with my family.

10. The type of creativity you exude is very rare, were do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration is borne out of the fact that I always want to stand out and be the best at what I do and I always go the extra mile to ensure it. Plus I am a big believer of providing solutions to problems and I believe that what I do has helped a lot of people in different ways and this is based on feed backs that I get from those who value my work. They inspire me greatly and I do it all mostly because of them.

11. Which chef will you say inspires you more?

There are lots of them but one that literally watered my appetite to become a food show host is Siba Mtongana. I never miss her show on Food Network and meeting her some day is one thing on my bucket list.

12. Speaking of challenges; did you face any, how was it like enduring tough times?
Challenges are inevitable and I faced a lot of them while starting out and I still face a lot of them today. But I am a positive thinker and I always like to stay on the bright side of life. So when I face a challenge, I only see it as an opportunity for me to rise higher and become stronger because I know challenges are only a stepping stone to greatness and without them you can never truly know your worth or your strength. When I face one, I always remain calm and at peace in my mind because I have come to realize that worrying will definitely not help you out of it; so why worry??? And again, in the challenge always lies the solution, there is always a way out!!! So I stay strong and find that way out.

13. How will you advice many aspiring to be like you someday?
My advice for anyone aspiring to be like me someday will be; Hold on tight to your dreams, believe in what God has given you. He is the one that sent you to the earth to fulfill a purpose and He has equipped you with all the resources you need to make it happen. So be confident in that and work on developing yourself, your mind and acquiring skills that will help you attain high levels of success. Most of all, NEVER GIVE UP! The journey will not always be sweet and rosy but I tell you there is nothing more fulfilling than living out dreams! Its the most rewarding thing ever! So stay true to your passion and your calling and everyday do at least one thing that will lead to the realization of your dreams, Be consistent, diligent, committed and dedicated. Give it everything you have and watch it blossom into something that cannot be hidden.

14. So apart from shooting your new series “9ja local soup series” what should we be expecting from you before the year runs out?

Okay, the purpose of my channel is not centered on 9ja local soups alone. 9ja local soup series is only a part of the entire Zeelicious Cooking Series. Every month, I take up a new series like I explained in number 7. So the Youtube Channel is mostly centered on teaching people how to make different types of dishes both local and foreign with readily available ingredients in Nigeria. You can check out the channel to have a better understanding of what it is about. To answer the question, like I said earlier, I have few other projects in the works and really would not want to mention them right now till they are very very ripe but the world will definitely hear about them because I will be coming with a bang. LOL.
Thank you for this opportunity to let the world know about me. I am beyond grateful. God bless you!

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