Encompassing report on the visit of Anthony Bourdain host of CNN travels series “Parts Unknown” to Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa and one of the largest in the world with a population of over 180 million people.

However, our food sense is definitely something to write home about we have many coding-rich foods that explains how rich our food culture is. Hardly will you reach any street in Nigeria without finding a food vendor who specializes in preparing delectable meals for customers.

Many of these scrumptious Nigerian local foods was tasted by Anthony Bourdain of popular travel Channel series “Parts Unknown” who visited

Lagos, Nigeria recently.

Talking about Bourdain, he is known for exploring the world, he is an enthusiasts and also a foodie. He was received by three Nigerian food blogger’s namely; Iquo Ukoh of (1qfoodplatter), Ozoz Sokoh of (kitchenbutterfly) and Atim Ukoh of (Afrolems) who took him around to indulge some great cuisines like: Àmàlà (Yam flour), Jollof rice, ewedu, Efo riro (Vegetable soup) and many more.

He also visited the computer village (one of the biggest in West Africa, where phone/computer accessories are assembled, repaired and also bought) he was received by Journalist Tunji Andrews who discussed extensively with Anthony Bourdain and they both had a feel of some great cuisines and drink found in the locality.

Moreover, Anthony Bourdain didn’t leave Lagos state without catching a glimpse of the famous ‘Dambe Boxing Match’ a traditional fighting style of the Hausa/Fulani indigene.

In conclusion, the overwhelming and numerous feedbacks received just like Anthony Bourdain said he “has not seen a city like Lagos” we really appreciate.

We are hoping a better narrative about Nigeria is passed across to the whole world. we can’t thank enough the Nigerian food blogger’s featured and also all chefs in Nigeria who are doing fantastically well in shaping Nigeria and the culinary world at large.


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