Do you know what makes Summer season special?Find out in this article.

Summer season is a time of the year when fresh produce is in abundance, trust me there is a lot to eat during summer even though, the weather is usually hot but above all summer season is a pleasant time of the year.

In the culinary world, young

children are engaged in various things e.g “Summer Classes” whereby they are groomed by Master Chefs on how to Cook. Children also engage in other things apart from cooking. They basically, go for what they have keen interest in. During Summer families go on vacation to relax and dine with friends and well wisher’s. Trust me there is a lot to eat during summer.
MCZ Food Media, asked chefs and cooks around the world to share their perspective of what summer is about.

Below is the question asked:

“MCZ Food Media, will like to know as a chef, what spectacular thing or reason makes you look forward to the summer season”.

We got many replies, we feel so honoured and we really appreciate!

Read their replies after the cut:

Chef Ehis

“As a chef having passion for healthy cooking, Traditional & ancient recipe, I have develop a burning desire for seasonal farm produce,exploring province regional meal . My interest to summer or relevant season is born out of the love for freshness,authenticity of nutrients and relatives price tag. Each season provide me an opportunity to create simple and natural filled tasty meal, appealing and easy to create dishes.
With the like of chef fregz, chef stone,chef imoteda, chef tiyanalile, chef shine and other chef personality working hard to redefine Nigeria cuisine to win the global space, that has served as a propelling force.”

Ronke Edoho

“Hi, In this part of the world with the harsh winter months, I look forward to barbecue season in the summer.”

Iyabo Adeline Lawani

Wow !! Thanks for asking
Oh dear dear , I love summer time. It is the perfect time to begin switch to comfortable clothes and enjoy outdoor cooking more. The weather is perfect for all the, grills , BBQ and exercising which makes It is also good to know that it is the right time to change your diet!!! You also know that being outdoors more often increases your risk for some health problems such as dehydration, because activities level are higher you tend to sweat more etc etc , then vitamin and mineral deficiencies may creep in and “The simple and delicious” solution is steering at us in summer. Summer is the best time to “Eat your best fresh local fruits and vegetables in season. Their nutrients are at their peak bursting with so much fresh, bright colors delicious nutritious goodness in the summer,” “But they’re not the only foods that will help your body look and feel its best during the hottest time of year. So combining and balancing them out with some nice grilled juicy Protein and carbohydrate foods makes them perfect for the body. “Freshness at it best” now that is what summer is all about. For me Thank you !!”

Kristina Coughlin

“Hi! I absolutely love cooking with the food that’s in season during the summer months. I also enjoy spending time outside and barbecuing as much as possible!”

Chef Raw Trev

“Greetings, I look forward to the summer because I am able to get great locally grown produce.”

Chef Sunkanmi

Summer season? Well maybe holiday and visit to different places to explore culture, nature,art and of course FOOD!!!”

Chef Stephanie Aigbokhan

“Hi! For me, it’s all about giving back during summer and I do this through the kids. The opportunity to teach these kids one or two things about food safety and trying out some simple recipes gives me inner joy. I always look forward to the summer season because of this. I recently did kitchen training and some few recipes with some teenagers from neighbourhood you needed to see the smile on their faces its just out of this world….”

Chef William Victor

“Ohh You simply can not beat a day of relaxing by the beach on a hot summer day. Nothing is more serene than being surrounded by sand and crashing waves and a good bbq fish to go with”

Chef Croffie

“Fun ideas for barbeque parties, appetizers and drinks for summer raves and picnics.”

Chef Logan Gullef Jr

“Oh fresh harvest veggies and fruits – warm weather for the bbq grill, and amazing time off with friends”

Chef Katsuji Tanabe

“Lots of ceviche and salpicon of beef”

Chef Marco j Morana

“Fresh and seasonal produce, is always something to look forward to. Thanks” .

Chef Mitchell Joani

“Hi there, on a personal level, summer is my favourite season as I love sunshine, beaches and outdoor living . As a chef i adore the summer fruits such as mango and lychees and love to make fresh and healthy dishes with these produce.”

Chef Coco Reinarhz

I look forward to the opening of my new restaurant. Fresh vegetables”

Chef Yemisi

“Summer is almost over ,but hot breakfast will do the trick”

Chef Chris Cody

“The summer season is almost past! I am looking to the fall with mushrooms, vegetables, squashes, crab, and oysters…..coming into prime season!”

Chef Marc Murphy

The wonderful produce!! It’s delicious”

Chef Nti Ramabua

“Of course the FOOD!! All those fresh and vibrant colors… It’s always about fresh produce! 😍❤️🍴”

Chef Fregene Gbubemi

“Hello guys
Well this time of year in Nigeria…. from corn to good carrots “

Chef Giggles

Well, the summer season is an amazing time to get creative. People are always trying to put new dishes on their table or add some thing different to their menu during the summer.

It’s time for chefs to put new and delicious recipes out there add something different to their menu or just go out there try other people’s dishes and do some recreation. I see summer as a time for learning without pressure, funny how it’s sometimes the most busy period for us. Anyways, thats all i can say about the summer season. Thank you.”

Grace Nwaokobia (Gracie’skitchen)

“My Name is Grace Nwaokobia graduate of History n Inter relations. I started food blogging and Gracie’s kitchen in 2016. I am a certified “foodie”. I started at a very young age to help out in d kitchen even tho I would frown when I was asked to boil water, fry egg, cooking grew on me. It became a hobby. I would watch my mum and my very agile granny who still cooks very much in d kitchen.

The very first soup I learnt how to make from my mum and granny was afang soup and okra soup.I love trying out things, learning kitchen techniques, online classes, tutorials. At the moment, I am building my brand. Currently working on a menu/food packages for my clients on delivery and my future restaurant. I have incorporated both local and continental dishes in my menu and a separate menu for fitfam. Even though balancing work with cooking isn’t easy as anyone out there ll agree, your passion which is also at the top of the priority list, will always work and speak for itself.

My expectations for summer….hmm…it’s hard to call this season summer in Nigeria because one day it’s raining and the next, the weather is hot…so whenever I cook, I eat according to the weather😂 peppersoup, spicy dishes for a rainy day and when I go out to eat, smoothie, pizza and icecream, chicken and chips,basically meals with less spice… It’s been fun though especially days am less busy. and If am to describe Summer, its a time to “go places” and eat good food” and “make memories”.”


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